Helping businesses save money using technology

We have helped develop solutions that satisfy customers’ needs much more precisely than any off-the-shelf product.

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About Mavijo

Mavijo is an organization that prides themselves as an innovator and a one-stop shop for new startups, non-profits, and businesses seeking to go to the next level. Our drive is to see all businesses that we work with strive for excellence in return to see the prosperity of their business brand.

Software Design/Architecture

Mavijo and our consultants have worked with several Fortune 500 organizations and can help you design and implement your solutions as we are skilled in the art of transforming your business requirements into a reality.

Business Process Automation

Mavijo has helped organizations automate their business process which resulted in extreme cost savings. Our consultants have worked to improve existing processes including allowing organizations accept electronic signatures, automaticaly reconcile AR/Invoices, generate Sales Quote, accept Online Reservations and more.

IT Consultation

Got a new idea for your startup and need some more insights to help validate your idea or to test your Startup product or service? Let Mavijo help you take your Startup idea to the next level.

24/7 Support

We provide fast, competent and comprehensive technical support to all of our new and existing clients.

Technologies used for business automation for our clients

We have worked with a vast array of technologies over the past 16 years while helping businesses save money. Listed below are a few of the technologies we have used. We also understand the value of effective partnerships for the success of a business. This is why we pursue partnerships and connect with technological providers which is a great asset for our clients. We believe that the businesses that hire us are the best therefore we only connect with partners that can deliver the best.


BPM Providers

Cloud/Hosting Providers

Enterprise Platforms

Open Source Technologies

Payment Integrations

SMS & Voice /Reporting Providers

What our customers think

We have helped Start-ups, Small Medium Businesses (including Non-Profits) and Enterprises save money

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Working at Mavijo

Our team is the best team that a business can hire in this industry. Mavijo goes through great length to recruit, hire, and train highly qualified individuals. These indviduals are motivated and passionate about helping to meet an organization's ever-changing needs and growing demands. A business that hires Mavijo is guaranteed to be connected with our vast network and is introduced to new-age innovations. If you are an individual that loves a good challenge and creating innovative solutions while providing superior customer service, Mavijo is the place for you!